Your air conditioner is the solution to helping you maintain the air around you and its temperature. These air conditioners are completely capable of functioning independently; however, if you tamper with them, then some things could have a detrimental impact on their efficiency. At Rescom Air Corp, we have helped our clients identify the problems with their air conditioning systems and made them aware of the things you should never do to your AC.

If your air conditioner is not working as well as it used to, you need to jog your memory and see if you did anything with your AC. We have compiled a list of the three things you should never do to your AC for your convenience. We hope this guide proves beneficial in the future and helps you prevent any problems that you might encounter.


Refrigerant Leaks; patching them on your own

Refrigerant leaks are a widespread problem in air conditioners and can be dealt with quickly if you hire a professional. Before moving towards the repair process, you need to identify the refrigerant leak correctly. For this, you need to check your unit for any bubbling or hissing noises. These are the first key giveaways that can help you detect your refrigerant leak.


Once you have identified the problem, we would request and advise you not to go ahead and fix the problem on your own. Even if you have watched an uncountable number of DIY tutorials on fixing your refrigerant leak, you are still not going to be fully equipped to solve the problem on your own. Not only will you not have the sufficient skill set and tools required, but repairing a refrigerant leak can also be harmful since it can cause harm to your eyes, skin, mouth, and nose. Inhalation of the refrigerant can also cause some severe problems. Thus, it is advisable to leave it up to the professionals.


Patching the refrigerant leak with duct tape is never the right approach since the solution is not that easy and does require professional intervention. Hire someone with the apt tools and skills that are needed for your HVAC issues in Tampa!


Opening your AC

Do not think about opening your AC on your own to fix something that you might consider as a minor problem. Once you open your AC, there is a high chance that something else will get messed up, in addition to the current situation not being resolved properly. If you have purchased your AC recently and the warranty is still applicable, opening the AC could void the warranty.


The inside of your AC is very delicate and, in your attempt to locate the problem, there is a high possibility that you will damage some other part of the AC, especially if you do not own the right tools. This could worsen things for you, and your repair expenses could increase.


Replacing the filter incorrectly

While it is not a bad idea to replace your filters on your own, you should make sure that the filters’ size, placement, and position is the same as it was before. Failure to do this could cause the air conditioner not to work the way you intended it to. Another thing to be wary of when changing filters is that you should not, at any cost, mix the reusable and disposable air filters since the filter damage could cause some costly harm to your AC.


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These AC tips, along with our professionals who are equipped to resolve your HVAC issues in Tampa, we have just what your air conditioner needs! Reach out to us at your earliest convenience and resolve the issue instead of prolonging it and making things worse for yourself.