When it comes to allergies, they are very sensitive and can be escalated by microscopic particles. If you or the people around you are allergic to substances present in the air, there is a high chance that bad air quality indoors can aggravate their allergies, making the situation worse for them. At Rescom Air Corp, we understand the importance of maintaining good air quality indoors and how poor indoor air quality can make people with allergies suffer. Our HVAC units are designed to ease the sufferings of our clients, and we have been working tirelessly to ensure that the HVAC unit installed in the homes of our clients is well maintained, thus enhancing the air quality. 

Even though you cannot eliminate all particles that could trigger air conditioning allergies, our HVAC units will ease your suffering by reducing the amount of these particles and helping in sustaining a healthy air quality. Here are a few reasons how our HVAC Unit can help you:

  1. Filter the air in your house with the help of high-MERV filters 

All HVAC units are designed with a built-in filter. The purpose of this filter is to block any lint and allergens from entering. In the rare instances that these allergens enter, the filter traps them and pulls them out before the HVAC unit can treat them and release them back into the house. This way, the allergens are removed from the very initial stages, thus making it very effective. The strength of your filter and its ability to pull out the lint and allergens is directly proportional to its quality. 

The better the quality, the more effectively it can clear out the air in your house—for instance, MERV 11 filters half the ability to remove very minute allergens. Even though filters are a blessing in disguise, you need to make sure that the filters receive proper service regularly to continue to work to their optimum capacity.

  1. Air scrubbing and in-line air purification devices

If you think that your HVAC unit needs an upgrade or you want to amplify its effectiveness further, you can install additional air scrubbing or Air-purifying devices with your HVAC unit. These devices will further elevate the defectiveness of your unit and improve the indoor air quality by removing any other allergens that might be present. These particles are removed from the system before they can even reach the vents in your house, thus ensuring a healthy airflow.

  1. Ensure that the ductwork of your house is free of allergens

The purpose of the duct is to enable airflow. For dogs to work smoothly, there should be no build-up. Your HVAC unit helps prevent any build-up in your house’s ductwork by keeping the air passing through these ducts filtered and ensuring constant airflow. As a result, the ductwork remains free of allergens and can work to its utmost capacity.

  1. Remove humidity from the areas that could have mold. 

A prevalent cause of allergy is the growth of mold. A mold colony build-up in any part of your house can aggravate your air conditioning allergies. Installing an HVAC unit can prevent the mold colony from developing in the first place by removing any excess amount of humidity from the mold risk areas of your house. Mold colonies are usually found in areas that had been flooded previously or had a dryer outflow or something similar. The HVAC unit will target these areas, preventing any mold build-up. 


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