Being a pet owner has a ton of responsibilities. A key component of keeping pets is ensuring that the air in their surroundings is healthy. For this reason, we at Rescom Air Corp provide HVAC maintenance services for our clients in Tampa to help them maintain healthy air in the environment. Be it playing with your pets or cleaning out their cages, the hair and fur of your pets are bound to get into the air and can cause harm. No matter how much vacuuming you do, you cannot fully extract the fur and hair from the environment, and for this reason, we have compiled six practical HVAC Maintenance tips for pet owners that can help them.


  1. Change your air filters regularly.

Compared to homes with no pets, homes with pets tend to have air filters that can get clogged up very quickly and frequently. Therefore, if you are a pet owner with an HVAC system in your house, you need to ensure that you clean out your air filters on a more regular and frequent basis than other people. A clean air filter will help in maintaining a better airflow and will be able to trap unwanted particles more effectively.


  1. Brush your pets regularly.

You can ensure that fur and hair do not get trapped in your HVAC by brushing your pets regularly. This is because once you start brushing your pets regularly, their hair will not shed a lot in one go and will get caught in the brush. You can then clean the brush the next time you brush your pet, and again fewer strands of hair and fur will fall to the ground, which might later get caught in your HVAC filter or be vacuumed. To make things easier, you should do the brushing on a tiled floor from where it will be easier to clean the fur that gets shed.


  1. Improve the quality of your air filters

For people who have allergies, pet dander can do a lot of harm to them and trigger their allergies—investing in a good quality air filter is worth it for them since it could prevent them from the pain that their allergy could cause. When buying an air filter, the correct way to test the quality of your air filter is to check its MERV rating, which aims to measure its efficiency.


  1. Protect your outdoor air conditioner by building a fence around it

If you have a backyard and your air conditioner is placed there, there is a high chance that your pets are also playing in the backyard. As a result, their fur can easily get caught up in the air conditioner and ruin its efficiency. If your pets play near the condenser, their fur will automatically be introduced in the air circulating inside the house. To prevent any of the furs from trapping, you can build a fence around the air conditioner.


  1. Vacuum your house regularly

The HVAC cycle can be highly improved if the amount of allergens indoors is reduced. For this reason, regularly edging and vacuuming your house can have a significant impact. Instead of letting all the hair and fur accumulate, carry out vacuuming regularly so layers of fur aren’t just sitting inside your home and circulated with the HVAC cycle.


  1. HVAC Maintenance

This tip is essential and is a must. You need to ensure that you carry out a routine maintenance procedure on your HVAC system twice annually at least. You can choose between hiring a professional from our firm to do the job for you or carry it out on your own if you think you have the expertise for it. A technician will be able to carry more thorough maintenance and will be able to detect even the most minor problems and resolve them more effectively.