Want the best AC installation in Tampa? We’ve got your back at Rescom Air Corp. Our highly experienced AC installers are well trained to abide by all the proper installation procedures to ensure that your AC runs quite well. That means, if your search for “AC installation near me” brought you here, we have the right team to work with you. We’ll give your job the skill and attention it requires. Look no further because we are here for you! 

Our AC Installation In Tampa 

Are you wondering what our AC installation services entail? Well, to have a smooth AC installation experience, we recommend that you carry out three basic steps:

  • First- Since we care deeply about your health and that of your family, it’ll be great if you tell us some specific restrictions regarding Covid-19 you’ll want us to live by when installing your unit. 
  • Second- Pay all your invoices before installing another system. If you fail to pay your invoices, it can lead to a few disruptions concerning your account status. We just want to make sure nothing will disrupt you from achieving this goal. 
  • Third- We expect you to permit your space. It’s also recommended to have coil cleaning in any available water. 

Your Safety 

Our professional installers want you to stay safe. To achieve this, we obey all the instructions on staying safe during this pandemic. If you need an installation company that will respect your health, you can always count on us. We offer installation services that won’t put your family member at risk of getting sick. We wear all the necessary gear to protect ourselves and your house. In addition, to ensure that your AC unit doesn’t pose any risks to you or your family member, we often fix them in the right location. Your AC will be located correctly and wouldn’t be placed near appliances with flammable gases. Our Tampa AC installation doesn’t exclude the addition of earth leakage breakers. Finally, at the time of installation, we keep the drain hose pipe from water. We do all these to ensure your safety! 

Our Efficiency

Of course, many homeowners like you care so much about efficiency. Interestingly, we do too. So, if you’ve got us to handle your AC Installation, you can be sure of our efficiency. Does that mean we care less about thoroughness? No! It only means that we complete our job in time. We understand that having an HVAC is a massive investment and that only when it’s properly installed can a homeowner benefit fully from it. We give just the right installation that wouldn’t make your HVAC become a massive energy expense. Our efficiency offers us another opportunity: we won’t be in your house for a long time, meaning we won’t be a threat to your health. 

Contact Us 

We offer the best AC installation in Tampa. Hire our professionals today at Rescom Air Corp. Our trained installers give the best installation while taking precautions at the same time. For a quote or for more information, contact our expert team today!