A central air conditioner provides cooling in a home by distributing cool air through ducts from an air conditioner unit generally located outside the home. It is a difficult task to put a price on ease during the hot summer months. However, the sweet respite of air conditioning comes at a cost, and the bills become more significant as the days grow hotter. The energy consumption of air conditioners is strongly dependent on the local climate. An effective air conditioner system is critical to staying comfortable in your house, especially in Florida’s environment. Rescom Air Corp offers a broad range of air conditioning maintenance, AC installation in Tampa, and heat pump servicing.


How Much Does Central Air Installation Cost?

Before we get into operating costs, let’s briefly look at how much it costs to install a central air conditioner. Ductwork is incorporated into the walls and attic of most houses built in the last fifty years. If ductwork is not required, central air installation costs are between $3,000 and $7,000. If ducting is required, the cost can nearly treble to between $7,000 and $15,000. We provide services for Tampa Bay air conditioning installation. You can visit our website for further details.


How Much Power Does Central Air Consume?

There is no other estimate for how much it costs to cool a home due to the numerous variables at play. These are a few factors that might have a significant impact on your monthly air conditioning bill:

  1. The size of the air conditioner
  2. The age of the air conditioner
  3. House square footage
  4. Temperature Control Thermostat
  5. Electricity cost per kWh
  6. The standard of insulation
  7. Windows with single or multiple panes


Depending on these characteristics, two households’ air conditioning bills could differ by hundreds of dollars each month. However, there is a simple method for calculating how much you are spending to cool your home. It would help if you determined the wattage of the air conditioner, how many hours it runs every day, and the cost per kWh of electricity.

How to Calculate the Cost of Using Central Air Conditioning

Check the original literature or look for a label on the unit itself that gives technical specs to determine the wattage of your air conditioner. If you can’t find either but have a model number, you can use it to look up the original paperwork online. As a final resort, you might inquire with the professionals who installed the machine. The majority of central air conditioners use between 3,000 and 6,000 watts. The tricky part is estimating how frequently your air conditioner operates, significantly when it changes with the weather. Count how many minutes your air conditioner operates in an hour. Perform this twice: once during the warmest portion of the day and once after dark.

Multiply the number of kilowatts by hours your air conditioner is expected to run per day. Assume your unit is currently operating for around eight hours each day:

Four kilowatt-hours multiplied by 8 hours equals 32 kWh.

The cost of your air conditioner is approximately $3.84 each day. Multiply that by 30, and you’ll get a monthly cost of around $115.20.



Air conditioning can make up half of your electric cost. If you are on an unaffordable budget, you may want to analyze how much you’re paying to stay calm and experiment with various techniques to cut those costs. Rescom Air Corp. has been providing commercial HVAC services such as replacements, repairs, management, and air conditioning installation in Tampa, FL, for many years. We take pride in using only high-quality items, providing competent installation, and standing behind our work with ironclad warranties.