It’s important to keep your AC in good shape so that it can do its job during the hot summer months. Rescom Air Corp., Tampa’s best HVAC contractors will be there for you if something goes wrong or when routine AC maintenance is needed. We are available 24/7, and our technicians have years of experience servicing all air conditioner brands!

The Essence Of AC Maintenance

You might be very occupied to remain sensitive to the maintenance of your air conditioner. People do not give attention until the AC stops working. It is more logical to prevent a fault than to have it as an emergency. Preventive maintenance is the key to an air conditioner that works effectively. When your AC is leaking, and with a blockage, it makes it work with force. Here are some benefits of AC maintenance.

  • It improves the quality of air in the house.
  • It extends the unit lifespan.
  • It heightens energy efficiency.
  • It protects essential equipment.
  • It gives peace of mind.

Effects Of Not Maintaining Your AC

When your AC stops working, it can become overwhelming. You get upset at yourself for not servicing your AC. Aside from a faulty AC’s mental stress, let’s look at six main risks you take when your AC is not well maintained.

  • Poor performance- Your air conditioner may not work well because of a minor fault. It could just require a slight adjustment or cleaning to run correctly. A smooth-running AC saves money, time, and energy.
  • Short lifespan- Constant AC maintenance will lengthen its lifespan. When you leave a little problem unattended, it becomes worse.
  • Safety concerns- Regular maintenance will keep your family and properties from havoc. There could be leakage of water, fire outbreak, and carbon monoxide leak.
  • Lower comfort levels- A well-maintained AC keeps your home at an average temperature. When any of your rooms become warmer or cooler than others, the vent may be blocked or dirty.
  • Excess humidity- Another fundamental essence of AC is to keep moisture under check and manage humidity.
  • Absence of peace- When you move into a new apartment with an AC system, you may be unaware of the last service duration. It is safer to check your AC when you change accommodations.

Common AC Parts That Become Faulty

If your AC has ever broken down during a hot summer, you will not wish to encounter such again. It is better to prepare your AC for summer now. Here are the causes of AC problems.

  • Dirty condenser coils- The coil will not work effectively with grime and dirt.
  • Low refrigerant- It is what removes humidity and heat from your business, apartment, or home. When there is leakage, you will not get enough air to cool your home.
  • Fan issues- AC has a fan that blows air over the evaporator coil and another for the outer door condenser. The fan assists in getting assimilated heat from the building.

Other likely problems are clogged drains and thermostat problems.


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