Sometimes what an industry needs to bolster its sales is a leading business figure bringing their industry to the forefront of the public mind. Enter Elon Musk to the Tampa HVAC Contractors industry. Musk’s presence in the conversation about updating HVAC technology might pique the public’s interest in not only AC repair Tampa but also HVAC replacement. Why hold onto your old, inefficient technology when a cutting-edge contender is on the rise? Rescom Air Corp. encourages you to stay on top of these emerging technologies.

Why Should AC Repair Tampa Contractors Be Excited About Elon Musk?

Musk is the CEO of Tesla, founder of SpaceX, and the co-founder of Paypal. He is an extraordinarily influential and affluent entrepreneur in the realm of emerging technology. All of his success has brought him to the rank of the fifth-richest person in the world. His avid use of Twitter, public transparency, and innovative ideas have brought him to the forefront of business interest.

What Does Elon Musk Want To Do In HVAC?

Recently, in March of this year, Musk was recorded as expressing interest in building an efficient, home HVAC system. This home system would be complete with HEPA filters and smart technology. By utilizing Tesla’s heat pump technology, he could design an HVAC system – or a thermal management system – suitable not for an SUV, but for a home. Musk is recorded as describing this system as reliable, effective in filtering out particles, and able to run quietly and energy efficiently. Finally, he imagines his system would incorporate smart technology; this might mean that his HVAC system could detect when the owner’s paired car arrives home and adjust the temperature accordingly. 

Why Does The Industry Need His Attention?

Typically, homeowners don’t attend to their HVAC system unless it has broken or is malfunctioning. Emerging technologies in heating and cooling systems don’t turn the public’s head too often, unless someone like Elon Musk throws his hat in the ring. The fact that he is eyeing this industry and plans to bring in new, innovative updates means that the public’s demand for these updates will soon closely follow. You can follow this pattern in the changes that Nest brought to the thermostat industry. Before 2011, homeowners didn’t dream big for their thermostat; they simply wanted a functioning one. However, once Nest rolled out their smart thermostat technology, homeowners with perfectly functioning thermostats sought to update their homes with this new, smart technology. If Elon Musk introduces a new, efficient HVAC system, then Tampa HVAC contractors should expect the Florida public to become interested in incorporating these updates into their homes. 

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