If you’ve lived in Florida for any amount of time, you know how hot and humid the summers can get. And with spring already in bloom, now is the best time to get your AC tune up before the heat starts bearing down. Rescom Air Corp. in Tampa, Florida, has been serving the community for over a decade in getting their heating and cooling needs taken care of quickly and efficiently. 


A Healthy AC

Even if it seems that your AC unit is running and performing at its best, that doesn’t mean it won’t run into complications further down the road. Just starting up for the summer season, it’s bound to perform relatively well, but with the more time it’s being used, the more wear and tear is beginning to build and potential issues can arise. Summers can be intense and the last thing you want is an AC unit that just quits on you due to being constantly on and cooling. Many major AC unit repairs can be avoided through regular maintenance, not just when the unit breaks down. Tune ups can catch problems before they get worse, and can save you money in the long run. And a well-maintenanced system lasts longer than a neglected system, sometimes up to twice as long. With regular maintenance through a commercial HVAC company, your AC unit could work well for ten years or more. 


AC Tune Up

Typical tune ups for your AC involve a thorough inspection of all the parts of the unit. The AC technician may have to tighten or replace parts of the unit, depending on what they find. They will inspect and check the filters, electrical connections, and all other areas of the system to ensure everything is working properly. They will check for any issues, such as leaks, loose parts and connections. They will examine the condenser and evaporator coils, as well as ensuring the refrigerant levels are where they should be. If need be, they will also lubricate all moving parts and clean or replace any air filters that may need it.   


Not only does a well tuned up AC unit save you money and last longer, it comes with other great benefits as well. One of the most obvious is that your AC unit will run more efficiently and thus cool your home faster and easier, leaving you to bask in the coolness. When the AC unit functions properly, it isn’t lagging behind on cooling and is able to perform better, resulting in a better regulated temperature inside your home. A clean, well-maintained AC unit can also cut your overall cooling costs, since it’s running so efficiently and smoothly. It will turn on less frequently since it’s able to keep up with the demand for cool air, saving you electricity and thus cutting some of your energy bills. And when an AC unit is properly cleaned and maintained, the dust and debris that can enter the vents won’t be circulating back into your home. Clean filters, ducts and AC components eliminate any additional allergens in your home, making it fresher and easier to breathe. 


Don’t Wait

If you feel your AC unit is fine and skip the maintenance, you may rethink that later on when issues arise. Regular maintenance may seem like an unnecessary cost, but calling out technicians only when your system is down will definitely cost you more in the long run. Most heating and cooling companies won’t think twice about charging additional fees and service charges for handling broken down AC units and emergency calls. To avoid these fees and get the most out of your AC unit, regular maintenance checks are key to a happy and long future with your AC unit.


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