You must have heard from your AC repair guy that your air conditioner filter needs to be changed regularly. This makes it more efficient. However, the frequency of air conditioner filter replacement will depend on a few factors.

  • The type of AC unit filter you use

The type of AC you use in your home can significantly impact how often they should be replaced. If you are using a standard window AC filter, you should change it every 30-60 days.

  • The number of pets you have

When you have one pet, your AC unit filter should be changed after every 30 days, but if you have two pets, it should be changed after every 20 or 45 days. The more the pets, the more often you need an  air conditioner filter replacement.

  • The number of people living in your home

In case you live alone, with no pets, or any allergies, then you can wait for at least six months to a year to change your filters. Still, if your home has more people, such as a spouse and kids, the air conditioner filter must be changed after every 20 to 45 days to improve the quality of air in your home.


The importance of changing an air conditioner filter

Here are the main reasons why changing your air conditioner filter is necessary.


Because clogged filters are inefficient and expensive

There is no greater reason for changing an air condition filter than to make it more efficient. The best AC filter for airflow must not be clogged at all.

The dirt impedes airflow with dirt, dust, and grime, causing it to work twice as much to move air around your home. This, in effect, drives up the cost of energy and increases your carbon footprint.


A dirty filter will pollute the air around your home

When your window AC filter is dirty or contaminated, the blower will be spreading airborne particles and dirt all over your home. These particles can cause damage to your health, and since they are tiny micrograms of dirt, dust, and pollen, you may not see them with the naked eye.


Dirt reduces the life of your HVAC system

The dirty air conditioner filter means that your system works extra hard while trying to cool your home. Not only will this not be effective in cooling, but it will also lead to higher utility bills and can cause the system  to overheat.


A clean filter is a clean home

When your AC filter unit is clean, then your home will be clean as well. The clean air will usually be dispersed throughout your home, making it more hygienic and more comfortable. This also prevents allergies.


A dirty filter increases your maintenance costs

When your air conditioner filter is dirty, it will increase your maintenance costs because the blower will stop working due to the dirt clogged in it. Regular cleaning for it to function well means more expenses.