Living in Tampa means living through long, hot, and humid summers. Making through the oppressive heat is difficult without an air conditioning system. However, like every other appliance, AC units, too, sometimes pose problems, and from electrical issues to the hot Tampa weather, all can put a strain on your system. Hence with these issues, your AC can start acting up, and you might want to get it repaired or replaced. Cooling systems are an investment! We would advise you to seek the best solutions that also don’t cost a fortune. At Rescom Air. Corp, our HVAC experts are always available to guide you through the process. We suggest to you whether to decide air conditioner repair or replacement.

The time for air conditioner repair and replacement 

With a malfunctioning AC unit at hand, you might be thinking if you should get it replaced. DIY air conditioning repairs might work at times, but otherwise, you may want to consult our service experts.

Here are a few factors regarding your appliance to consider before making any decision.

  1.  Age of your unit: According to energy star, an AC unit lasts for about 15-20 years on average. If your AC unit is older and breaking down, your investment has paid off well. Hence, you could start considering buying a new one. Talk to our team and get yourself a new energy-efficient cooling system installed.
  2.  Your AC unit frequently breaks down: Regular maintenance checks should keep your system from malperformance. If, despite getting timely tune-ups, your system is not working to the optimal. Consult our HVAC experts to help you decide whether to repair or replace.
  3.  Moisture and leakage around the unit: While there is normal condensation around the air conditioners, excessive leakage signals a more significant issue. Leaking refrigerant is hazardous to health and can also cause damage to furniture and floors besides permanently harming the cooling system. So, if you see any such issue, call in our experts immediately.
  4.   Your system gives off unusual sounds: People often report complaints regarding weird sounds coming from AC systems  These sounds might indicate a slipping belt or a broken motor bearing. It is a serious issue and, if not addressed immediately, can lead to costly repairs or replacement. So if your system is making weird batting or hitting noises, call our team to fix the problem.



When it comes to buying and repairing appliances, it is only wise to choose a reliable company at Rescom Air. Corp is an expert in providing services at reasonable rates. For HVAC, we believe we are one of the best service providers in the market. Either you need a repair, HVAC replacement, or air conditioning installation, bank on our skilled experts to get the task done.

Apart from that, we commit to ensure that our systems deliver the best. We have scheduled tune-ups to ensure that your unit works at the convenience of maximum efficiency. We consider happy customers as our asset, therefore our fully trained team is just a call away.