Many air conditioners come with a fan-only setting so you can feel a nice breeze coming from your unit instead of cold air. However, sometimes fans do not cool you down enough in the hot summer months in Tampa. Our HVAC contractors at Rescom Air Corp. tell you what the main differences are between running your air conditioning and using a fan because both can cool you down. There are many details about both options that our HVAC contractors want you to know about, so you can remain as comfortable as possible when the warmer weather hits. We are dedicated to keeping you cool all summer long, and you can be certain that the information we offer on fans and air conditioning will help you. Many people worry about air circulation, temperature control, their monthly bills increasing, and much more that we want to tell you about. You will not be disappointed with the information we provide because we are the most reliable team in the area. 


HVAC Contractors Talk About Fans And Air Conditioning 

There are a lot of differences when it comes to fans and air conditioning that our HVAC contractors want to tell you about. In terms of fans, it costs a lot less money to keep the fan set on instead of the air conditioner because it does not use as many kilowatts every hour. However, fans do not change the temperature in your living space, so if it is already warm and you put the fan on, it will just blow around the warm air, and you will remain hot and uncomfortable. In terms of air conditioning, it will change the temperature in your living space so you can cool down during the hot summer months. You can also pick the exact temperature that you want your living space to be, so you can feel as comfortable as possible. However, air conditioning in the summer can be rather expensive, especially if you leave it on all the time. There are advantages and disadvantages to both fans and air conditioning, so it is important to find a balance. 


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There are ways to benefit from both fans and air conditioning. Our HVAC contractors recommend that you turn your air conditioner off when you are not home, so you do not waste energy and have to spend more money. It might be hot when you return to your living space, but it will be worth it. You can also turn just your fan on at night once the weather cools down. 



For those of you who do not want to think about your unit, we suggest that you use automatic mode, which allows your air conditioning unit to turn on periodically on its own. The compressor will turn on, and the fan will turn on in between, so you will not have to balance everything yourself. 


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