Air conditioners are built to add or remove moisture from an area to warm or cool down your household. In many areas that experience severe weather conditions, air conditioners are pretty much essential to living comfortably in the cold winter months and warm summers. Air conditioners typically last around 10-15 years. Checkups and repairs down on your air conditioner each year can help it last longer. Most air conditioners come with a warranty that lasts around 10 years. After the warranty, you will need to start looking into a new air conditioner because it probably doesn’t’ have the ability to work effectively to warm and cool your house for too many years after that. Many things can affect how long your air conditioner lasts. First, you need to have an appropriately sized air conditioner to match the room you are trying to control the temperature of. Small air conditioners will not be effective in a very large basement that needs to be cooled down in the summer months. Setting your air conditioner on shorter cycles can help it last longer and reduce the wear and tear. Keeping an air conditioner on too long can put too much strain on the unit and it will not be effective. Rescom Air corp in Tampa Bay Florida can help you properly manage your air conditioner unit. Air conditioners also need to be properly installed to make sure airflow is effectively leaving the unit. When air conditioners are left outside tend to wear down quicker. Rescom Air Corp is Tamba Bay’s finest Air conditioning company that can help you with air condition repair this winter! Snow, rain, and hail can really damage air conditioning units over time. Sealed ductwork and poor design can severely impact airflow. Also, avoid setting the temperature too high or low.


How to know when to get a Replacement Air Conditioner


If you know you are about to be stuck in a long winter or summer, then you should probably replace your air conditioner ahead of time. If you notice your air conditioner is taking much longer than usual to cool down a room then that’s probably a bad sign. Air conditioning repair is cheaper than buying a replacement. If your energy bills are going up each month that means you probably need a replacement unit. As air conditioners age they use a lot more energy to cool and heat up a room which causes your bill to go up. If you have had the ame Air conditioner for over a decade and it’s still working then you should be planning ahead for a replacement. Also, pay attention to the sounds your unit is making. If your Air conditioner unit is much louder than usual and you hear a grinding sound then that probably a indication that the fans are not working properly


Signs that you need to replace your Air Conditioner


How to Know When you should Replace Your Air Conditioner?

  • New or increased noises
  • Increase in energy bills
  • Excessive humidity inside your home
  • Are you getting more service calls?
  • Have you even invested in Air conditioning repair at all?
  • Do you have more Expensive repair bills?
  • Uneven temperatures in the rooms
  • You can be more energy efficient