You may notice a flare-up in allergy symptoms when you go outdoors, but you may not realize that indoor air can also exacerbate your allergies. Before you spend money on medication, consider investing in air conditioning repair from Rescom Air Corp. Your health is affected by indoor air quality; the presence of pollutants, mold, and bacteria can irritate your respiratory system and cause allergies. Here are a few tips in minor AC repair Tampa residents should consider when experiencing allergy symptoms indoors.


Replace Filters For Minor Air Conditioning Repair 


Cleaning up your indoor air is not as complicated as it might sound. Indoor air can become stale and stagnant when enclosed, but sometimes outdoor air quality is no better. If you live in a warm and humid climate, you likely use air conditioning regularly. You should replace the filters in your AC unit at consistent intervals in order to eliminate particles in the air and ensure your indoor air is as clean as possible. HEPA filters are designed with a sieve-like mesh to trap pollutants such as pet dander, dust, and pollen particles. Professionals in AC repair Tampa can help you replace these filters so that harmful particles don’t end up in your lungs, damaging your health.


Have Your AC Unit Tested For Mold


Your air conditioning unit may require more extensive repair, especially if it is harboring mold. Fungi such as mold thrive in humid, moist environments – conditions similar to those within your AC unit. Certain parts, such as the evaporator coils, drip pan, and air ducts, are particularly likely to develop mold if left unchecked. If replacing filters hasn’t helped your allergy symptoms, request that an AC repair Tampa technician check your unit for mold. If any mold is detected, you will be guided as to what to do next. Don’t give mold spores a chance to grow and infiltrate the air you breathe.


Schedule Regular System Maintenance


Finally, make it a priority each year to have your air conditioner serviced. If the AC unit you use is outdated, a professional can help you find a replacement or install filters and fixtures that will support your existing unit. If you own pets or smoke indoors, you should be changing your air filters much more often. You may find that your allergies worsen in the spring or whenever pollen is released into the air. A regularly-maintained air conditioning unit can combat these pesky pollutants in your home and ensure that you and your family can breathe freely. Replacing HEPA filters, checking for mold, and servicing your air conditioning unit not only improves your health – it also extends the life of your air conditioner. 


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