Yes. Indoor air quality is directly connected to your well-being and health. People spend plenty of time indoors.

The quality of air, and most specifically, unpolluted breathable air can lead to a lower risk for respiratory illnesses, higher quality of life, and a reduced risk of numerous chronic illnesses.


Observing Air Quality

Like other environmental risks to health, indoor air quality is monitored to assess threats and improve air quality.

Sometimes, residential HVAC contractors and air conditioner services in Tampa can use HVAC to tune up signals for health-threatening air polluted by volatile organic compounds that are not visible to the human eye.

Monitorable signs such as odor condensation, ceiling condensation, and musty odors can give hints about indoor air quality in some areas, but on some occasions, they don’t show the issue.

Residential HVAC contractors connect monitors to ensure air quality is safe for building occupants.


Air Pollution Issues That Can Affect Your Health

The quality of the air you breathe is understood to have a direct impact on your health. The environmental health agencies in the United States say that good air quality is essential for people with asthma, heart conditions, lungs conditions, and the elderly and children.

Good air quality can help prevent the start of some illnesses like asthma. Removing polluted air that threatens health can benefit environmental health and improve public health.

Air Conditioner services in Tampa along with the Environmental health agencies argue that poor indoor air quality can be associated with these health problems:

  • Nasal and throat illnesses,
  • Respiratory Sickness
  • Scratchy throat
  • A complication for heart and Lung conditions
  • Carbon monoxide Poisoning
  • Headaches
  • Coughing
  • Cancer
  • Asthma Complications

This list may not show a complete image and extensiveness of health risks you are exposed to by poor air quality.  Minimal exposure to poor air quality can cause long-term diseases and illnesses, and long-term exposure can cause serious complications.

Any exposure may exacerbate pre-existing conditions and be dangerous in creating new health problems.


Popular Environmental Air Quality Pollutants

In our offices, homes, and other public places, there are a lot of common environmental air quality pollutants, such as asbestos or other building materials, VOCs, mold, secondhand smoke, nitrogen dioxide, radon, lead particles, and mildew.

Sometimes, air conditioner installers or residential HVAC contractors have a plan to tackle such pollutants.

Because it can be artificial or organic, household furniture may hold mildew and mold, and non-efficient energy appliances can cause chemical pollutants and create smoke in the office or at home.

In humid areas, mildew and mold are found tucked in basements or antics where condensation, musty odors, and other signs are invisible.

Another pollutant that hurts indoor air quality is secondhand smoke.

Environmental protection agencies throughout the United States are constantly working on ways to prevent public smoking and smoking in enclosed spaces where children are at high risk of health illnesses and their well-being.

That is why air conditioner services in Tampa install air quality monitors to assist in determining the purity of air in such places and enclosed areas, including public transit systems and energy-efficient vehicles to reduce exhaust inhalation and smoke.


Public Pollutants Are One Factor That Contributes To Bad Air Quality

Homes, offices, schools, businesses, and other indoor areas are at risk for the adverse effects from our daily building materials, products, and other natural pollutants such as carbon compounds, VOCs which are common in enclosed spaces.

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