The stifling humidity that comes with summer can make life unbearable. Unfortunately, many homeowners who sometimes felt that having a quality air conditioning system is the solution have now realized that air conditioners are not capable of eradicating humidity. And that’s why many expert HVAC contractors advise homeowners to invest in house dehumidifiers. But how do you know if this is right for you? Rescom Air Corp. has come to your rescue. Located in Tampa, we want to enlighten you with our decades of experience.

Do I Need Dehumidifiers?

How much comfort do you need? The reality is, sailing through summer will be rough if you don’t invest in a quality dehumidifier. While it is true that no two homes are the same, you still have some handy tips at your disposal that will help you know whether you need one or not. For example, suppose you constantly notice condensation in your home; it might indicate excessive humidity in your house and that you need a dehumidifier. 

When Do I Need To Buy A Dehumidifier?

As stated earlier, excess moisture is a problem you will face during summer. But at what point should you invest in a dehumidifier? Ideally, you should when preparing for summer. If that’s not part of your preparation, you should buy when you start to notice:

  • You are having difficulty breathing
  • The walls of your bathroom and kitchen are filled with vapor
  • The home becomes really stuffy
  • There is mildew and mold in your home

When you have decided to purchase a dehumidifier, you should consult with a professional; they will give you hints that will lead you in the right direction. They already know the dos and don’ts.

Expert Installation Services

If you have decided to invest in a dehumidifier, it is very critical that you let a professional carry out the installation. This is because any HVAC update you are doing in your home involves work around your ductwork. And only highly trained experts or technicians can do the job right. The quality of the air you receive indoors, comfort, and health is a vital aspect of your life you shouldn’t leave in just anyone’s hands. Don’t even hand it over to an inexperienced person or try a DIY approach. Bear in mind that a dehumidifier not correctly installed is more or less like not having the system at all. And when you call on an expert, service rendered isn’t just limited to installation. You get regular repairs that will maintain and keep the unit in place for a very long time.  

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Located in Tampa, our team of professionals at Rescom Air Corp. will give you exceptional installation and repair services of dehumidifiers. With decades of experience working with HVAC systems, we are dedicated to both residential and commercial customers. Armed with the latest information about the industry, we will educate you on the right path to take. Want to get a free quote? For more information, contact us in Tampa today!