Refrigerant, commonly known as Freon, is a cooling agent that is used in air conditioning systems. It is an essential aspect of your air conditioning unit, and helps to get rid of heat from your indoor air. If your refrigerant levels are low, then your AC will have problems cooling your home properly. Unfortunately, it’s not always the most obvious task to tell whether or not you have a Freon leak- you need to keep an eye out for certain signals. Read on to learn more about some common indications of a Freon leak, and the possible consequences that could result. Rescom Air Corp. is a top HVAC contractor in the Tampa area. If you’re browsing through Google for “AC repair near me,” call Rescom Air Corp. in Tampa today!

Signs That You Have A Freon Leak


Having a cooling system that leaks refrigerant can be a serious issue that needs to be addressed properly. Here are some ways to tell if your air conditioning system is leaking Freon:


  • Vents aren’t allowing cool air in- If you notice that warm air is coming from the vents or your AC just isn’t cooling the way that it is supposed to be, then you may have a Freon leak on your hands. Before you go ahead with that assumption, however, check that you’ve replaced your AC filter and that your thermostat is on the “cool” and the “auto” setting. If there isn’t any change, then your air conditioning unit may be leaking Freon. Check for other signs of the leak or get in touch with an HVAC technician to take a look at your unit.
  • Hissing sounds coming from indoor and outdoor units- Your AC system is a closed system, meaning that refrigerant is designed to stay within the system. That means that if your levels of refrigerant are low, there is most likely a leak somewhere in the system. If you see that your AC is not able to cool and you’ve already switched your thermostat setting and changed your filter, then check for a hissing sound at your indoor unit. Look at your outdoor unit for hissing sound. This particular noise illustrates a crack or gap somewhere in the system. If there is a gurgling sound, it may indicate a larger leak.


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  • AC taking a long time to cool- If there is less refrigerant than normal, then your air conditioner may be taking a longer period of time to cool. This places a bigger burden on your air condition, forcing it to constantly run. This can also be due to air leaks, making sure that your home is sealed is a proper manner.
  • High energy bills- Go over your electricity bills and see if you notice a significant spike. If your energy bills are higher than usual, then you may have an air conditioning system that is using more energy. This could be due to many reasons, and low Freon levels is one of them. An AC that has to constantly run to get the house down to the temperature you want could be behind these high numbers.


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There are certain things to watch out for in order to spot a Freon leak. If you’re looking for an “AC repair near me,” call Rescom Air Corp. in Tampa today!