In times of unpredictable weather patterns, any way to save money on heating and cooling your home is helpful. The fact is, you’re probably spending way too much money trying to keep your house at an even temperature, especially if you live in the Tampa area. The good news is, Rescom Air Corp can help to change that! We offer top-quality heat pumps that can keep your home temperature stable for an affordable cost. When it comes to Tampa AC installation, we’re the best in the business! Learn more about our services today!


What Is A Heat Pump Air Conditioner?

Heat pump air conditioners are an energy-efficient way to cool and heat homes that have existed since the 1970s. The way they work is simple yet effective. All they do is move heat into a home in colder weather out of the home in warmer weather. While this may seem too straightforward, it comes with several benefits. First, among these benefits is that, because heat pumps are not generating heat but merely moving it, they can heat and cool a home for 25% less money per month than you spend using traditional heating systems. While these have been around since the 1970s, these systems have gotten so efficient because of technological advancements in two of their components: the motor and the compressor. 



The key to a heat pump’s motor is that it is designed for variable speed. With traditional Tampa AC installation units, the motor is continuously going at the same speed. This means that once the house temperature is at its desired setting, the motor will stop until it is time to stabilize it again. This results in a needless waste of electricity. However, with variable speed motors, when temperatures begin to increase due to the rising sun, the airflow will also increase to compensate. Likewise, when your proper home temperature has been achieved, these motors will slow airflow to a rate that maintains the temperature. 



Traditional compressors waste energy through the same means as traditional motors: that is, they are continually turning on and off. Heat pump systems have a different sort of compressor, known as the 2-stage compressor. For most of the day, they run at a low setting and only switch to a high setting when temperatures get too high. The fact that these compressors are typically running at a low setting means that you are saving money with them compared to a standard compressor. Additionally, these compressors have a longer life because they are not always running. By using these more efficient methods, these compressors are virtually guaranteed to save you money!


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