When it’s freezing, you will need to look for heat sources for homes to make sure you are warm and safe. There are plenty of cheap indoor heating solutions that can help you stay heated without having to spend too much.


Different Ways To Heat Your Home

  • Use Rugs

Tile and wooden floors can be cold to touch at times, and adding decorative rugs in sitting areas is an excellent way of keeping your feet warm and toasty. Carpets are actually great as they will protect your floor from damage as well as conserve heat.

  • Use Natural Light for Warmth

Trees and shrubbery can block the sun from reaching your home, and therefore clearing the unnecessary foliage from your doors and windows will help bring in the natural warmth from the sun. This makes a huge difference in your comfort levels and ensures you do not spend too much money on electric heating.

  • Attic Insulation

This is the best way to heat your home cheaply because a lack of insulation causes the heated air to escape through the attic. So, when you make sure that your attic floor is insulated, the heat won’t run but rather stay within the house.

If you do not know how to do this, you could hire an insulation pro to help check your insulation levels and recommend solutions.

  • Turn on the oven

You may not believe it, but the oven is a great alternative home heating option. When you are heating a pot of soup or a tasty casserole, and you turn on the stove, you will be able to keep your home heated. As an additional treat, you could bake a delicious dessert to keep everything nice and warm or even make a hot apple pie. These will do wonders in ensuring the home is warm. But make sure that you do not leave it unattended as that can turn hazardous.

  • Close your doors and windows

Whether or not you have zoned heating, closing doors and windows in drafty rooms is one of the best ways to heat your home. This will also keep specific parts of the house warm, and you should consider tackling the rooms towards the draft first.

  • Buy additional bedding

Changing your existing blankets to new and warmer ones provides cheap indoor heating solutions. This will really help in combating the cold. Using flannel sheets together with a down comforter will make a chilly night warm.

  • Body Heat

Body heat certainly provides an alternative home heating solution for most people. This may seem counter-intuitive, but removing layers of your clothes and then cuddling up with your spouse and loved one can help you stay warm.

Knocking boots is a really great option, as it will cause very positive effects of body heat to radiate through your body and keep you warm. So, the next time it’s super cold, convince someone to cuddle or copulate with you to keep you nice and friendly.