Household appliances are an essential part of your home as they guarantee your comfort and satisfaction. One of such vital components is your heater, and the protection it grants you is unparalleled. For the heater to effectively perform its job and give you satisfaction, it should be in the best conditions. Thus, routine heater inspection and maintenance are relevant for optimum functioning. At Rescom Air Corp., we take it upon ourselves to offer you the best inspection and maintenance services for your heater at all times. When you talk about the best heater inspection company in Tampa, we are the best HVAC contractors at your service. 


Why Do You Need Heater Inspection?

The work your heater does in providing comfort to your home and giving it the required protection from harsh cold conditions is second to none. This inspection is crucial during winter. If an inspection isn’t done, it may become faulty and spoil. Like all home appliances, you should clean them to ensure safety inside the home. If not done, they may become clogged and cause discomfort to you. But how often should you inspect your heater? The best HVAC contractors should carry out such services as maintenance and inspection, and that’s where we step in. You may have heard that it’s best to inspect twice a year, every year, and the likes, but which is practical but not excessive? You’ll find out as you go on. 


Factors That Can Affect The Frequency Of Inspection

There are some factors you should put into consideration when you want to carry out an inspection. If you consume a lot of heat in your home, especially during winter, or your heater design is peculiar, it is important to inspect every six months. In this case, doing such will make for early detection of any problems and prevention outrightly. For some, an annual inspection is recommended, especially during late spring or early autumn. It guarantees your heater is good at all times. You can also warm up the heater regularly to ensure it functions well. The most practical frequency for inspection is once a year, irrespective of the climate. By so doing, you guarantee your Air conditioning and electrical units’ optimum performance at all times. 


Importance Of The Heater And How Climate Affects It

The number of inspections done on your heater also depends on the climate. If the weather is too hot or too cold, it shows on your heater. The duration of use and pressure impacted on it during cold months show how vital the heater is. Here are a few recommendations by HVAC contractors:

  • During cold Winters: Inspect every 6-12 months to ensure it is always in the best conditions when needed.
  • For Mild Winters: Do an inspection annually. It guarantees the safety of your heater. 
  • When there’s no winter, inspect within a two to five-year interval. It will ensure clean filters, safe wires, and the absence of dust in your heater. 


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