With summer right around the corner, the temperatures are only going to increase in the coming weeks. How does your AC unit stand up to the task? If you’ve been thinking of replacing it, now is the time to go with a high efficiency AC unit. Rescom Air Corp. is Tampa’s premier HVAC installation and repair company. Our team has over sixty years of combined experience to get your AC unit up and running quickly and efficiently. 


How Old Is Your AC Unit?

Only you as the homeowner can ultimately decide whether it makes sense to replace your current AC, but there are some pointers we can offer to help make your choice. Taking a good, hard look at your current AC unit is the first step: how old is it? Most AC units will typically last around ten to fifteen years, if regularly maintained. The lifespan can always vary, as there are some units that can last even longer than that, but there are also units nearing the decade mark that are starting to develop more and more problems. And if you feel like installing a newer AC unit is too expensive, think about the extra times you have had to service your older model just to keep it running, as those costs can add up over time. Knowing the age of your AC unit can help you determine whether it’s better to wait until it gets a little older, or if it’s already in it’s golden years and may not have much time left. 


High Efficiency AC

If you are considering a higher efficiency model, you may wonder just how efficient it will truly be. To earn an Energy Star label from the Department of Energy, the AC unit needs at least 15 seasonal energy efficiency rating, or SEER. This would give it a mid-efficiency rating, while the high-efficiency ratings can go up to 22. If your AC unit is older, around the ten year mark, it most likely has a SEER rating of 13, which is a drastic difference between the higher efficiency models. With that new level of efficiency, that means your home will stay cooler easier, and take less of a hit on your wallet as well. A higher efficiency model will cost more to install than a mid-efficiency model, and taking both of their pros and cons into mind can help you make a better decision on which is right for your household. Depending on your needs and how you’re going to use the AC unit can also affect the SEER rating as well. Even though higher rated models can perform up to 22 may not guarantee this performance every day, all summer long. A 22 SEER AC may perform at 16 SEER some days, so it’s important to weigh the options. You will see a dramatic increase in efficiency just because newer models have better parts and advantages, especially if your current AC unit is older. With variable speed fans and multi-stage compressors, higher efficiency units can provide a more even spread of cool air and comfort. 


The Final Decision

Now is the time to take a good, hard look at your current AC unit and decide if it’s suitable for another hot and humid summer. If it’s getting up there in age and is needing more frequent repairs, the choice may be clear that it’s time for a better, more efficient unit. Talking with an AC repair technician in Tampa may help you decide which route to go, based on your home’s needs and your budget.


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