With spring upon us, many warmer climates are already starting to feel the heat setting in. It’s important to get your home air conditioner checked out before the real warm weather hits, just to ensure everything is running smoothly. If you happen to turn it on and hear a troublesome noise, like your AC unit sounds like an airplane, you have a problem. Trust Rescom Air Corp. in Tampa, Florida, to service your AC unit and keep you cool.


Normal AC Noises

Most air conditioners aren’t going to be completely noiseless, but still, there are normal and abnormal noises that are good for you to spot in case of any malfunctions. Any low humming noises are completely normal when the AC unit turns on, is running, or turns itself off. It should sound more like a little engine taking off, not a full blown 747 taking off in your living room. If it’s particularly loud, it might need service, so call your HVAC contractors to check it out thoroughly. The unit will also make clicking noises at the end of the cooling cycle, and right before it turns off. These clicking noises shouldn’t be disruptive  and end relatively quickly. If they persist or are very loud, you may need to make a call. And while the AC unit is running, it will be blowing out the cold air, which should also be minimal in noise as the air moves through the ducts and vents. This blowing shouldn’t be distracting or jarring, as most units should be blending into the background and barely give you a second thought when they turn on. So if you find yourself constantly glancing at the AC unit, there may be an underlying problem. 


Home Air Conditioners

If you hear any gurgling or bubbling noises, it may be a sign of a refrigerant leak, which needs to be addressed as soon as possible, as leaks can lead to cooling problems and could pose a threat to your health. Another sign of potential refrigerant leaks is any hissing noises from the AC unit. It could also mean the compressor is malfunctioning too, so be sure to have it checked out as either of those are serious problems. A buzzing sound coming from your AC unit is also not a good sign. Buzzing can be a sign of multiple issues, such as a dirty condenser coil, debris in the unit, problems with the motor or electric, or a fan blade could be loose. All of these problems will only lead to malfunctions and could cost you more in the long run. 


Any banging noises can signify a loose component in your unit, or even shifted. It may be an easier fix for you to handle yourself, but be sure to turn off your air conditioner before servicing it. Whistling can be a sign of low airflow, or a seal is damaged or loose and needs fixing. A simple duct cleaning may be all it needs to unblock the ducts or air vents, and clean any dirty filters. Squealing from your AC unit is never a good sign. It could be certain components, such as the fan motor, belt, or blower wheel, need to be replaced. There’s also the potential for build up of high pressure, and the squealing is it trying to escape. This is a huge safety concern so be sure to turn your AC unit off and call in the professionals right away. 


The Age Of Your AC

Another reason your air conditioner may be making unsettlingly noises is because it’s simply old. Most AC units last around 15 years, and should receive proper maintenance twice a year to keep it running smoothly. They can potentially last longer, upwards of 20 to even 30 years if properly maintained, but the older the model, the harder it is to sustain it and not run into problems towards the end. You may be able to extend your AC unit’s lifespan, but it may come at a cost as it will start having issues and may not cool your home as efficiently as a newer model. Many newer air conditioners also sport a lot more energy efficiency for your home, saving you additional money that may make extending your current unit unnecessary. 


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