Tampa is a lovely spot on this beautiful earth of ours. Pleasant to live in, charming to visit.

But let’s face it. The summers here are a real bitch. The temperatures consistently hover around the 90 degrees Fahrenheit mark from May to October. The humidity is high- This is a sweltering hot spot on the face of the planet.

Without air conditioning, it would be a place where you died a slow, sweaty death. Air conditioning is responsible for our high population.

Air conditioning is that important. You have to know it and understand it. The decision to acquire one should not be taken lightly.

At Rescom Air Corp, we take air conditioning seriously. That is why for ten years, we have been Tampa’s #1 HVAC contractor. We offer HVAC Brandon and ac repair services.


What is an HVAC Brandon system? 

HVAC- Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Those initials describe what the HVAC system does. It heats and cools your house. But that is more than it does.

The V in HVAC, where the interchange of air goes on, is also responsible for drawing out smoke, odors, moisture, allergens, and many other air contaminants. This leaves your living space comfortable and safe.

All the essential parts of your HVAC system can be grouped into three components, depending on how they work.

We have the heating component, ventilation component, and air conditioning component.


How Your HVAC System Works


  • The heating component

This component has a furnace and heat exchanger. The furnace takes up the most significant part of your HVAC system and is located in the basement. A heating element heats the cool incoming air in metallic tubes.

As the air comes out of the combustion chamber, it passes through the heat exchanger, making it hotter. The heat exchanger is located in the furnace but has its capabilities. The blower then pushes the hot air into the ducts, which distribute it throughout the house.


  • The ventilation component

The duct system and vents make up the ventilation system responsible for distributing the conditioned air throughout your home. The ductwork spreads throughout the house and lets out through a vent near the floor or ceiling.

An air filter trap next to the vents traps all contaminants.

A properly installed duct system is responsible for how well your HVAC works and how much energy it consumes. Ensure a certified technician installs it? For your Brandon air conditioning service needs, don’t hesitate to call us at Rescom Air Corp.

  • The air cooling component

This component is made up of the evaporator coil and the condensing unit connected by the refrigerator tubes. The evaporator coil has a cooling fluid, which cools the warm air brought in through the ducts.

The air then passes through refrigerator tubes containing refrigerant at a range of temperatures to the condenser unit outside. It is then reabsorbed and distributed through the house.


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