Are you having trouble with your HVAC system? Not to worry! Here at Rescom Air Corp., we give you a step-by-step process on how to fix it. HVAC systems tend to slow down or not function properly if they have dirty coils. While it is possible to clean them yourself, you have to be very careful because the coils are fragile in a lot of ways. Even though we offer AC repair Tampa locals swear by, we understand that many homeowners might want to learn how to fix their own systems themselves. We don’t want you to feel pressured to search for a HVAC contractor near me when you can fix your system yourself. The reason we tell you how to do so is that we want you to fix your system like how the professionals fix it. With our help, you can gain peace of mind that you are fixing your HVAC properly and so you feel confident in fixing it yourself. Our step-by-step process is sure to help you because we are the best in Tampa!


HVAC Contractor Near Me Versus These Steps

You are probably wondering how you can fix your HVAC system without hiring a professional to do it. With our help, you will feel like you are part of the AC repair Tampa residents can’t live without. First, make sure that the air conditioning unit is turned off. For those with central air, simply disconnect the fuse. Second, unscrew the system so you can see the dirty coils. The manual that comes with the system can give you specifics if you are unsure. Third, take your time looking at the dirty coils and begin to clean them carefully. You can gently brush away any debris that seems stuck in the cracks. Fourth, fully clean out your system with a hose outside. Don’t worry about getting your system wet, but don’t spray the water right at the electrical sections. Fifth, apply your cleaner for the coils so they can soak and get into the small areas. Sixth, wash off all of the cleaner with your hose again. Seventh, put your system back together, and you are done. 


Take Your Time 

It’s important that you don’t rush through the process of cleaning your HVAC system because you could potentially damage it or miss a step. Luckily, our advice will help guide you through every step so you won’t likely miss a beat. We just want to make sure that your system is working perfectly once you are done. After all, we have AC repair Tampa residents love. 


We Are Here To Help 

At any time, if you feel like you are not cut out for the job, we are happy to help clean your coils for you. Taking on a project with your HVAC system might lead to even more damages and spendings if you don’t do it correctly. So when in doubt, call a professional for any help you need. 


Contact Us 

Rescom Air Corp. are professionals who want you to feel confident fixing your HVAC system yourself. Don’t search for a HVAC contractor near me when you can take our advice and clean your dirty coils to get your system back up and running. Call or visit us today in Tampa with any questions you have or for more information.