It’s becoming increasingly clear that a high school diploma isn’t enough to let you live the life you want. You know you need some higher education, but college just isn’t for you. Maybe it’s the cost, maybe it’s the time commitment or an utter lack of interest in anything you could major in. Or maybe you crave a kind of hands-on work that helps real people and offers clear results. 


At Rescom Air Corp., we’ve offered full-service HVAC care to Tampa area residents for over 10 years. We’re HVAC professionals who take pride in our work and love what we do. We can tell from experience that business is booming and we’re always looking for a few good HVAC contractors to add to our team. If you’re wondering what to do with your future, read on to learn where a career in HVAC care can take you. 


Income Potential For HVAC Professionals

The average annual pay for HVAC technicians in the United States is $49,234. Not only does this figure surpass the average earnings of high school graduates, but it also exceeds the average earnings for associate degree holders who make an estimated $43,100 per year.  


Salaries tend to increase as technicians gain experience and skills. Some HVAC technicians command salaries as high as $74,000 annually. Like many job categories, your income potential has much to do with the career choices you make along the way. 


HVAC Career Options 

HVAC jobs may include a range of responsibilities including:


  • Installing and maintaining HVAC systems
  • Wire installation and electrical maintenance
  • Customer support 
  • Maintaining work reports and repair records


Additionally, a technician may specialize their skills, potentially increasing their job prospects and earning potential. Specializations include areas such as automotive HVAC technician, HVAC mechanic, Refrigeration technician, and Solar technician.  


HVAC Licenses And Certifications 

On average, college costs $21,370 per year and takes four years to complete. If the job waiting at the end of the tunnel isn’t for you, what was it all for? HVAC training programs cost anywhere from $1,200 to $15,000 on average. Programs are available at a variety of technical schools and community colleges and last anywhere from six to 24 months. Apprenticeship programs also exist. While they take more time in the long run, they cost less money and offer valuable hands-on experience. 


There are also additional certifications that can raise your income potential. Typically, these certifications require you to prepare for and pass an exam. Expect exam fees ranging from $20 to $150. If you’re wondering whether these qualifications are worth the hassle and the price, remember that extra certifications can add dollars to your paycheck and make you a more valuable employee. 


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