Have you already finished your Christmas shopping? In this season of giving, don’t forget to show thanks to the essential inanimate objects in your life like your trusty HVAC system! Throughout the year your HVAC provides AC, ventilation, and heat to make your Tampa house a home. It’s the least you could do to take care of basic repairs and upkeep. We at Rescom Air Corp. recommend a small list of goodies that will show your undying appreciation for the hard work your HVAC does (usually) without fail. The following are 6 gift ideas that will do the trick!

Keep the Outside Clean

Take a few minutes out of your day and check the outside unit for any unwanted debris, leaves, or other obstructions that may get lodged around the condenser. This will make your system run better and leave less of a change for problems later on. 

A New Air Filter

Your HVAC works hard to keep all that dander, dust, and other irritants out the air. The least you could do is change out its air filter this Christmas. Without a fresh filter, you may run into a host of problems including airflow obstruction and even the complete failure of your unit! A new air filter will prolong the life of your system while making the air you breathe cleaner. It’s a win-win!

Check Your Ducts  

Over the years, dirt and other debris accumulates in air ducts that can cause problems if left unchecked. Call Rescom Air Corp. for a routine duct service and your HVAC system will thank you!


Lubricate All the Parts


Even your HVAC can run like a well-oiled machine with proper lubrication. With proper lubrication, high friction can cause your system to overheat and possibly fail, resulting in expensive repairs. We recommend calling a Tampa professional when you’re ready to accomplish the often overlooked task of HVAC lubrication.


Schedule a Checkup 


It’s recommended that people visit the doctor annually for preventative maintenance on your body. So why not extend the same courtesy to your HVAC system? Consulting with a skilled technician is imperative to make small routine repairs early before they become much bigger problems in the future.


Buy a Programmable Thermostat   


Get your system a programmable thermostat and make your HVAC unit run more efficiently with optimal energy savings to boot. Most smart thermostats are app-based so you can keep track of your system’s health anywhere you go. Also, the technology within these top-of-the-line thermostats are so cutting edge, they can keep track of things like system diagnostics and service reminders.  


Contact Us


After a year of providing unhindered AC and heat to your home, don’t you think your unit deserves some special attention? Have a professional technician come by and keep up with regular wear and tear as well as preventative maintenance. Consider one or more of the measures listed above to give your HVAC system a boost and minimize the chance of serious repairs in the year to come. For a specialist in reputable HVAC service and repair in the Tampa area, contact us at Rescom Air Corp.  Even if you think you are almost done with all your Christmas shopping, spare a thought for your HVAC system this holiday season!