Are you installing or looking to make changes to your air conditioning in Tampa premises? Are you unsure of how many air vents you need? The best way to do this is to consult Rescom Air Corp in Tampa as they deal with HVAC Tampa.

It will not only advise you on how many vents you need but will be able to handle your ac repair and air conditioning needs in Tampa.

Below are some of the factors a company dealing with HVAC Tampa will consider in determining the number of vents you need.

Size of the Room and a HVAC Tampa

The number of vents per room depends on how large the room is. A room larger than 100 square feet should have at least two air vents. It is a good idea to have the total number of vents installed at the same time. Doing it piecemeal often makes it costly.

Rescom Aircorp is a contractor skilled in air conditioning in the Tampa region. They send out a technician to measure and calculate the size of the room in square footage. The technician then divides the square footage by four to determine how many air vents the room needs. That is what they will then advise you to get.

Air Changes

The manner in which the air changes- flowing in and out of the room determines how many vents should go into the room. You should keep this in mind when getting a contractor from the Tampa area to install or repair your ac system.

Your HVAC contractor uses the formula:

ACH=CFM x 60/ (Area x Height)

This calculates how many cubic feet of air an HVAC unit can provide per hour divided by the room volume. The volume is obtained by multiplying the surface area of the room by its height.

Once the contractor finds out the air change per hour in your room, he can then advise you on the necessary number of vents to achieve the required air change ratio.

Cold Air Returns

Do you have a tendency to keep your doors shut? The answer to this question points to how efficiently the number of vents you have will serve you. If you wish to have fewer vents per room, you must keep your doors open to let air circulate the building.

When you shut the door while the air conditioner is running, the room is pressurized, and the proper air flow is inhibited. When you keep the doors open, the air that comes through the air vents moves through your home and reenters the system through large air vents.

The large air vents are known as cold air returns. The number of cold returns depends on your air conditioner and how large your home is.

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This shows how technical HVAC Tampa installation is. It is not the stuff of DIY. It is a good investment to get a skilled ac repair and installer in Tampa to advise and do it for you. Get in touch with Rescom Air Corp in Tampa.