Room temperature is the range of temperatures that are perfect for the habitation of humans within closed walls.

At room temperature, you are neither too hot nor cold. The average temperature of the human body is 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 Fahrenheit).

The ideal temperatures for the air conditioners are dependent on many factors such as the season, location, age and sex, home design, and personal preference.

Getting the right temp settings is hard but it can be regulated using smart home devices, such as the smart AC controller that maintains an average temperature at all times. The struggle to maintain the ideal room temperature at home or work will always be there.

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Here are The Ideal Room Temperatures for 4 Situations

1. Homes

Have in mind that different rooms in the house need different room temperatures. For instance, the living room and dining room should be at 19°C as these two places are where you spend a lot of your time.

In the bedroom maintaining temperatures at 17°C is advisable when sleeping, this is because the excessive temperature will affect sleep.

If you have a basement that is actively used by family members you should maintain high temperatures as basements are known to naturally have low temperatures.

Before living in the house ensure you turn down the AC by a few degrees. This will help save your power bill. Rescom Air Corp provides residential Ac installation Tampa for home air conditioning services you can consider contacting them.

2. Work

Maintaining ideal temperatures at work is not easy as everyone has their own preferences.   The temperature has been known to affect the productivity of workers.

Workers will work well with 25°C and if the temperatures drop they won’t be as productive. If you need air conditioners at your workplace in Florida consider air conditioner services in Tampa to save the day.

Note that ideal temperature in the room can positively influence people’s willingness to collaborate especially if the conditions are warm.

3. Men and Women

There is a performance difference between men and women based on different temperatures.

On average women prefer room temperatures several degrees warmer than men, this is because women are colder than men.

When women work in temperatures that are favorable to men their ability to perform certain tasks in the office is lowered.

4. Health

The old are affected by extreme cold room temperatures. A safe temperature for them is between 18°C and 20°C.

Low temperatures affect their strength, safety, and independence. They risk having respiratory diseases especially if they have heart and lung problems.

Like elderly people, babies are sensitive to temperature variations as well. Hence providing an ideal temperature of (20°C to 22°C ) for the baby works best.

A hot environment for a baby is linked to fatal sleep accidents and sudden infant syndrome.

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