Did you buy a new AC unit in 2020? Do you know you can calculate savings on your unit? Well, now you know this is possible. If you’ve been looking for the best AC repair Tampa has to offer, you’re on the right track. Rescom Air Corp. is a household name in quality service delivery and repair of air conditioning units. Like other household appliances, your air conditioning units need servicing and routine examination to detect faults and fix them. Proper inspection and checks are necessary for the functioning of the AC unit in your home. Deciding to repair your old AC unit or get a new one can be a difficult one. A new AC unit is much more effective and needs lesser repair and servicing, saving you lots of expenses in the long run. It is important to note that the new AC units are often more expensive. The advantages of making such a decision outweigh the disadvantages though. 


How do you Calculate the Actual Cost of your New AC Unit? 

Like we said earlier, investing in a new AC unit saves you money, energy, and time spent on repairs. Calculating your new AC costs is easy and can be done using an online calculator designed to make accurate estimates. Here, you’ll get only real savings from your new unit. Take, for instance, a 3-ton air conditioner with an NV energy charge at $ .15 per kWh. The annual average hours used in cooling is 4400 hours.

The SEER rating is the basis of this calculation. Certain factors can affect these numbers, such as Annual maintenance, usage of the system, home insulation, routine inspection, etc. 


What do you do? Repair or Replace Your Old AC Unit?

Before you decide to repair your old AC unit or replace it with a new one, you should be aware of the pros and cons of both decisions. You must be equipped with information on the best decision to make. That’s why we are here as your reliable and trusted AC repair Tampa for all your maintenance and servicing needs—still confused on what to do? Remember that both decisions have right sides and downsides. When you buy a new AC unit, you save costs. When you repair an old unit, you curtail funds but incur extra expenses in the long run. So, what do you choose? Ensure it’s in the best of your interest. 


Factors to consider when buying a new AC unit

When you want to buy a new AC unit, what factors should you consider? 

First, consider your pocket. Ask yourself if the purchase of a new air conditioner will affect your savings. If it is within your budget, you can go ahead with it. 

  • Efficient power supply
  • Cost of maintenance
  • Insulation in your home
  • Availability of the best company to handle your AC maintenance and repair 


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