With the beginnings of spring underway, spring cleaning can also include taking care of and upgrading many of your household appliances, including your furnace. If you don’t remember the age of your furnace, it might be time to hire a professional HVAC technician to install a new furnace for your home. Rescom Air Corp. in Tampa can assist you in determining the age and likelihood of needing a replacement for your furnace. 


Keep In Mind

It is important to know the age of your gas furnace before you consider replacing or repairing the model. Most furnaces last around twenty years, so you don’t want to replace it when the model is only five years old, or replace a few parts when it’s already near the end. If a repair to your current model is more than 50% of the remaining value of your furnace, it’s best to go ahead and replace it and start working with a newer and more efficient model. If the repair is less than 50% of the remaining value, then it would be in your best interest to call a commercial HVAC company to come out and service your furnace. It’s also a good rule of thumb to keep in mind your current furnace’s performance, as if the repair isn’t going to cost much but the furnace’s performance has been lackluster and starting to decline, it may not be worth repairing when it’s not running at optimal performance.  


New Furnace Tips

If you have determined that your furnace needs replacement rather than repairing, there are a few key factors to keep in mind when searching for a new model. The size of your new furnace is very important as it needs to fit your home’s size and needs properly. Buying too big of a furnace will be a waste of money and resources, while a model that’s too small won’t be able to keep up with your home’s heating needs. You may be able to go off of your old model’s size, unless you were also having warming issues with that model, in which case it’s best to talk to a trained HVAC technician who can help you determine the right size furnace. The varying brands of furnaces should factor into your decision as different brands are more reliable than others. You can do research online on a few models for their ratings and reviews from real customers to give you a starting point, and can also verify with your furnace installation company about certain brands. Look for the highest efficiency model of furnace that you can, as this will save you a significant amount of money on your fuel bill. Most furnaces aren’t running optimally by the time a replacement is needed, thus you can start saving up to 45% of your fuel bills once you replace your furnace. 


The Furnace Model

Different gas models of furnaces will offer your home varying stages of heating. A single-stage model will either be off or heating full blast. They are the least expensive models, but don’t offer any in-between on heating settings. The two-stage models will operate on a low or high setting, offering slightly more control of how much heating you want with your home. A modulating model, which is the most expensive, offers the most for your home. These models produce more or less heat depending on the outside and inside temperatures and how quickly the house is warming up. Modulating furnaces produce the most even supply of heat while also being the most energy efficient for your home. 


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