Well, with all the buzz surrounding portable AC, it’s no wonder you find yourself asking, “Are portable ACs worth it?

Honestly speaking, most people have their doubts about the small portable air conditioner unit, but they shouldn’t.

Portable air conditioners can be good when you have specific cooling needs, and this is an excellent idea when you want a portable AC unit that can be moved from room to room. Otherwise, if you are looking for a permanent structure, it’s probably not.


Benefits of a Portable Air Cooler

It is easy to install and move

This is a pretty obvious benefit that speaks for itself. You can easily move the AC around from one room to another, and it is designed for easy installation.

You hardly need to make any changes once you receive the AC, and when you have it in the house, you can use it almost immediately.


They save you money

Yes, a small AC unit is cheaper compared to the larger ones. In fact, these AC systems have proven to help cut down your electric bill by saving on energy costs, and large systems are more expensive and use more energy to run.

You can spend as little as $40 per month to use the small portable AC compared to the other central AC systems that can cost up to $200.


They require very little maintenance

Now, other than the low energy costs, the small AC units require very little maintenance, making them well worth having.


Some can be Wi-Fi enabled

According to the latest market trends. A portable AC unit can now come when Wi-Fi is enabled, making them easy to include as an app on your phone so you can control them remotely.


They can be hidden easily

You can hide the small AC unit whenever you do not need to use it. This is, in case you feel that it’s messing with your décor.

Simply place it in a place that’s not visible such as storing it in a drawer.


They do not block your natural light

Most of the large AC units will need to be placed on a window or a place where they can block the sunlight coming into your home, but this simple and portable AC doesn’t do that.

It actually requires very little space, which will not limit the amount of light coming into your home. It is a much better option than the large units.

However, it’s good to remember that a small portable air conditioner, though small, makes lots of noise compared to the other types of AC units.