We often do not realize the issues that refrigerant leaks can impose and the impact they can have on the functioning capabilities of your AC. Is your AC not working up to its previous standards? We at Rescom Air Corp. are here to solve any refrigerant leaks and AC issues in Tampa. We understand the inconvenience that people can face due to a refrigerant leak, and for this reason, we have trained our team of professionals accordingly. 

Getting your refrigerant leak problem fixed

Even though it may seem costly at first, but not getting your refrigerant leak fixed can cost you more in the long run. We are here to resolve your Tampa HVAC refrigerant problem. Delaying it and not giving the leak the attention it needs can severely impact the cooling ability of your AC and can also make your electricity bill skyrocket. All of this will only add up to an excessive amount of money going out of your pockets for no reason.

Identifying the refrigerant leak is vital since it helps us decide that it is not the air conditioner at fault. It is common for a refrigerant leak to occur, usually because of the AC being overworked or used for a very long period. However, the inability to work fully does not mean that you discard the entire air conditioner; instead, call us today and get your air issues in Tampa resolved!

Let us now look at some of the warning signs of a refrigerant leak.

Lukewarm Air

It is a hot day, and you have decided to beat the heat by turning your air conditioner on. However, after some time, if you realize that the air conditioner has not significantly impacted the room temperature and is just circulating lukewarm air. Your AC’s inability to function to its fullest capacity is the first sign that points towards a refrigerant leak. Once the refrigerant starts leaking, your AC’s working capability is reduced significantly and stays this way unless you get it repaired.

Bubbling and Hissing

Your air conditioners have the refrigerant stored in different parts, and it is stored as a high-pressure gas. Due to its’ high-pressure nature, if the refrigerant starts leaking, it is natural that a hissing sound can be heard if observed. You should be observant of the hissing sound if you think your air conditioner has a leaking problem!

This hissing sound points towards the gas escaping from the high-pressure lines in which it was initially stored. The bubbling sound that we have mentioned earlier is from air bubbles entering the high-pressure lines. Both the bubbling and hissing sounds are in no way beneficial for the overall condition of your air conditioner and should be looked into on an immediate basis.


Last but not least, another significant warning sign when it comes to detecting refrigerant leaks is your air conditioner’s inefficiency. It is common sense that if your refrigerant is leaking, then the air conditioner will not work at its maximum and optimum capacity. As a result, it will utilize more electricity, and even then, the cooling effect might not be the same as it would have been under normal conditions. One way to catch this inefficiency is to see any significant unidentified incremental changes in your monthly electricity bills.

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If your air conditioner has shown any of the signs mentioned above, you need to get in touch with a professional immediately. We are here to deal with your AC issues in Tampa, and we hope that our guide proved helpful in some way. You can visit our website to get a free estimate of how much the project can cost and get any details about us further and how we operate.