It is amazing to witness businesses using what they have created to help others. That is why Rescom Air Corp. in Tampa partnered with Titus O’Neil to surprise a grandmother with a full home remodel as well as a new car! Rescom Air Corp. is proud to say that we have used our business for the best, and we want to tell you all about the reaction that this local grandmother had, as well as what Titus O’Neil did to her home to make it look fantastic. Titus O’Neil is very passionate about helping others, and he felt that this was the best way to give back to a local grandmother named Yvonne McCoy. She is seventy-five years old and has not had a home remodel in years. She is very busy raising her granddaughter, who is just ten years old, a grandson, and a son. Titus O’Neil could not think of a better person to give this gift to on Valentine’s Day than Yvonne.


How Rescom Air Corp. Helped

You were probably wondering more about what Titus O’Neil did for the grandmother and how our business contributed. We wanted to partner with Titus O’Neil because we know that he loves to use his fame for the best reasons. We also felt that this local grandmother deserved our help and this amazing gift on Valentine’s Day. She basically received an entire new home because Titus O’Neil transformed the interior of it with new furniture, a new kitchen with granite countertops, and with our help, central air. We believe that central air and heat are necessary for anyone who lives in the Sunshine State because we know how brutal the heat can get in the summertime. We believe that helping this grandmother transform her home is our way of giving back as well as showcasing our business and what we truly believe in. Our business is more than just a company that sells central air; it is a team of experts who value our community. 


The Best Reaction 

Yvonne had the best reaction that anyone could think of, as she was crying when she realized what had happened. This kind of reaction is better than any kind of reaction we can imagine from our customers because we love knowing that we contributed to bettering this woman’s busy life.


The Comfort Of Home 

The reaction that the grandmother had just goes to show you that it is important to have a home that you are truly comfortable in at all times. Our company sells central air that is critical for this kind of comfort, so we hope that you feel inspired by our partnership with Titus O’Neil. 


Contact Us 

Here at Rescom Air Corp., we are proud to say that we partnered with Titus O’Neil for a special surprise for a local grandmother, and we hope to partner with other amazing people to inspire others in the future. Call or visit us today in Tampa for more information about our business or our products!