The coveted warmth during the winter season calls for a properly functioning AC. To avoid last-minute repairs, you should consider Tampa AC maintenance from Rescom Air Corp. To ensure you can enjoy unlimited fresh air, we are available round-the-clock. Having established a good reputation all over Tampa for our excellent HVAC maintenance services, you can rest easy knowing you have professionals who care about your well-being!

The AC is an essential asset for homeowners as well as businesses. And with its benefits returning the gratitude through AC service seems like an excellent thing to do. Keep in mind that quality maintenance incorporating HVAC cleaning saves you money in the long run.


Tips for Tampa AC maintenance at home

  1. Check the unit for AC cleaning

Every AC has an external power circuit for controlling the unit’s power. Whether you have a metal or plastic cover, lift it to find the switch to turn it off. So, how does this help? It will ensure no electrocution or shock as you work on the unit.

Look out for any leaves and twigs located either in or around the unit. For any excess material on the fins, it is advisable to use a fin comb to clear them. Additionally, other stubborn or stuck dirt like bird droppings may need a hose. Run some water over the unit, and once you are done, get a clean towel to wipe the unit dry.

  1. Time for an inspection!

Take a close look at your unit. Getting a trained eye is better, but some damages are often just visible. Watch out for any cracks too! If any, our team at Rescom air Corp is highly trained and experienced in handling any Tampa AC service, whether AC repair or AC maintenance. Call us; we are available 24/7.

If you do not spot any crack or fracture, cover the unit with a cover that will protect it during the winter’s cold temperatures. For the best functioning of your AC, consider replacing the air filters monthly.

  1. Provide insulation

The winter is not considerate of anyone, not even your AC, so cushioning the unit with extra insulation is an excellent idea! It will also contribute to its longevity. For a cheap option, consider the foam pipe, which will still offer efficacy and damage protection. Additionally, insulation strategies don’t allow water into the unit, turning to ice in cold weather.

  1. Schedule HVAC repair with us

After inspecting your unit, it’s advisable to schedule maintenance services whether there is damage or not. Don’t wait till the winter kicks in. We offer professional inspection that can guarantee warmth during the entire season to keep you and your family safe. Our certified technicians will make any necessary adjustments to ensure your unit features safe combustion. Upon completion, our Tampa HVAC repair services will evoke an energy-efficient unit with high performance. We could also get you a programmable thermostat for easy control.

  1. What is the cost of Tampa AC repair?

Although each repair is different based on the size and type of AC, the average cost is $383. Keep in mind that if the Tampa AC repair is minor, like repairing the small window of the unit, it will be cheaper than fixing the central system.


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