When it’s warm outside, one mistake people make is to turn off AC when out of the house. Now, this sounds like common sense, but in the world of air conditioners, there is a thin line between actually saving energy and driving up your costs.

If you keep turning on and off air conditioner, you will end up with a spoilt machine that needs replacing prematurely.


What actually happens with AC turning on and off?

The first thing you need to realize is that your AC is not like a hairdryer, and you can’t just keep turning it on and off. Or rather, you shouldn’t.

This is because air conditioners are huge machines that use a lot of energy to get going. Not only that but they are designed to be efficient when they are running at full speeds.

This is when they work best at dehumidifying your home.

Now, most people assume that they should turn off ac when not home, which makes a lot of sense, but this forces the AC to run at the lowest speed and shorter periods. In the end, this is much worse, as you will have a high energy bill for a very hot house.

The extra strain on the unit will also cause it to age prematurely, resulting in an emergency replacement of your AC unit. Therefore, even before we go any further, know that turning off your central air conditioner is not ideal either.


Okay, so, when is turning on and off air conditioner okay?

When you have opened your windows.

Opening your windows in spring after around six months of having them completely shut allows you to finally turn off the AC.

In these six months, it has been re-circulating stale air in your home as the windows were not opened.

Finally, opening them will invite fresh air into your home and allow it to be spread throughout. If you plan to have your windows open for a longer time, you can completely shut off the AC.


When must you never turn off AC when out of the house?

Whether you are in the home or not, you should never turn off the AC especially:

  • When it’s cold inside – do not turn it off when it is cold. Simply adjust the temperature.
  • When you are going out for a short period – when going out for a short while, do not turn off the AC, it will save you money to leave it on.