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Air conditioning is essential for comfort for homeowners and corporations alike. When it’s hot or icy outside, and your faulty or old unit can no longer offer efficacy, you may turn to your insurance company for compensation on the repair and replacement costs. But will your insurance cover an AC repair?

If the repair or unit replacement results from regular use, then a home warranty may come in handy. But if the malfunction is due to a risk not covered in the policy, you will have to dig into your pockets to breathe quality air in your home.


Does Homeowners’ Insurance Policy Cover Ac Repair In Tampa?

Let’s face it: insurance providers offer as little as possible to the insured. In some cases, you may not even get a dime. While it may seem unfair, it may be for a valid reason. If you settled for a basic cover, you might not be lucky. Instead, those with comprehensive covers for various perils will receive indemnification for those specific damages.


Depending on the policy specification and limits, the following are scenarios when your insurance provider can cover your Tampa AC repair and replacement:

  • Damage due to adverse weather conditions

Most coverages will reimburse you for AC repair Tampa caused by hailstones, winds, and additionally when a branch falls on the system. However, in case of an earthquake or floods, most policies are not inclusive of these causes unless you are specifically covered for them.

  • Damage from fire or water

Your homeowner’s insurance policy may be helpful if there is a fire outbreak or AC damage due to faulty pipes that may burst. The same applies to water damage unless it’s due to flooding.

  • Theft and vandalism

Who would steal an AC? Probably no one! However, your insurance provider may help you get a new unit if it’s stolen or vandalism is the cause for repair. In this case, you will have to file a case in the nearest police station for you to proceed with the claim.


Home Warranty vs. Homeowners’ Insurance Policy

Besides homeowners’ insurance policy, adding a home warranty is essential for the replacement of deteriorating household items. If your home warranty claims are denied, it’s probably due to neglect, improper installation, or maintenance, and likely a homeowners’ insurance policy can cover the damage. As for a home warranty, you will not be covered for unexpected events, but for any wear and tear, it will undoubtedly take care of that.


How to file your AC insurance claim

Once you are sure the cause of the AC damage is due to a peril covered in the homeowners’ insurance policy, follow the steps below:

  1. If it’s visible damage, take clear pictures for proof.
  2. For theft or vandalism, have a copy of the police report.
  3. Check your AC’s model and serial number and note them somewhere.
  4. Where applicable, file your claim online, call, or send an email to your homeowner insurance provider.
  5. Schedule meetings with your insurance adjuster.
  6. Keep your HVAC repair receipts safely or even make a copy of them.
  7. Submit the receipts to your homeowner’s insurance provider for compensation.


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